Bantry Bay Pharmacy Build


The Bantry Bay Pharmacy is partnered with SPAR, an international warehousing and distribution business listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in the Food and Drug Retailers sector.

It's personnel include a dedicated skin care specialist, doctors, nurses and other ancillary medical professionals to service its high-end customers at the Aurum Presidential Residences in Bantry Bay, South Africa.


We were approached by an agency who had the Bantry Bay Pharmacy as their client to build a website for them that was part of the pharmacy's newly created online presence.

The pharmacy had not yet opened for business and so it was necessary to have the website going in order to drive foot traffic through their doors when the grand opening took place.

The request was made to build a website that was simple and clean, but would also clearly communicate their various service offerings, what kind of products they stocked and who they were.


The project was on a tight budget and an even tighter deadline.

We worked on the development side of the project while another agency, the primary contact to the pharmacy, handled a lot of the communication, which could make feedback delayed and throw a curveball at the project. 


To keep costs down and have the project completed in time for the grand opening which was just around the corner we planned to make use of a pre-bought theme that would took care of most of the design elements and some content architecture.

Following an intensive search and shortlisting for a suitable theme, we located one which was medical-styled, had fantastic reviews and ongoing support by its maintainers, and also the bonus of content architecture that was fit to the kind of information the client wanted on their website.

We set up a series of project milestones and aligned these with scheduled meetings with the partnered agency in order for them to relay feedback between us and the client.


Our expertise in knowing what would be a good fit for the client and what to look for, and avoid, in terms of pre-bought themes ensured that we made the best possible choice to save time and deliver a polished product on time.

The project milestones and the consolidation of feedback was instrumental in smoothening out the experience of this project, especially since it was via another agency.

We delivered a polished website that the client was very happy with and their opening day saw a very high amount of foot traffic through their doors. Their business continues to do very well to this day.

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